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Kenya, A Murderous Nation We Are!

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I am almost making a deliberate decision to stop watching or listening to news. I am getting tired of what seems to be going around my country. Of late, there seems to be a “cursed ghost” hovering around, almost in all the counties, I am not so sure of where it will strike next.

I am talking about this new trend of fathers battering and even slaughtering their own children. What has gone wrong? Where have we gone wrong as a nation? I was moved to tears a few weeks ago as I saw a woman mourn the death of her 5 boys that were killed by their father before committing suicide following a squabble with his wife who escaped. I watched this story, it was explained that the man slit his children’s throats using a sharp kitchen knife before he hanged himself.

Just last week, there was another story of a man who killed his four children before discarding then in a nearby firm. Then, there have been several cases of men killing their wives after short or even prolonged family wrangles.

For me this is a situation that is close to my heart especially after I lost a close girlfriend as a result of unknown circumstances, but one which could be described as a result of domestic violence. It makes me wanna ask a thousand and one questions. What really goes wrong here?

Broken Love

At what point do two people who had initially declared unconditional love for one another turn out to be enemies? I would agree that enemies may want to slaughter each other for various reasons but, to actually know that Kenyan men have turned to be so brutal is such a scary situation. It scares me to death.

Some of the reasons that see innocent lives come to an end include food wrangles. Surely, why would one kill his entire family over food wrangles?  How does one even thinking of committing such a crime? I am convinced there is more than meets the eye!

If this happened in Nyeri, I will probably understand that this could have been a revenge mission. Early this year, Nyeri women made headlines for husband battering. Many men came out protesting against their wives beating them. The trend seems to have changed tactics maybe as a way to offer a revenge on their wife’s brutality.

Kenyan man has clearly gone wrong in this. Depression, stress, fear, misery, sadness, hopelessness, dejection, tension, pressure or whatever  reason you may want to call  it, the truth is, killing ones child is not a solution and it will never be, at least not for now. Whatever reasons men have for such a case, whether financial incapability, mistrust between him and his wife, children are innocent and I am sure someone agrees with me at least for once.

Where have we gone wrong?

Thinking of the woman who was left behind after her five sons were killed, makes me doubt if men really understand the pain of siring a child as the Swahili saying goes, “Uchungu wa mwana aujuaye ni mama” which simply states, that the pain of giving birth is known by the mother. This is how I look at it, if men had an idea of what women go through during the nine months of pregnancy all the way to the delivery room, that way, they will be more conscious. As a woman, I might have not been there yet, but, I could feel her pain. Honestly, I still do not understand how a sane man will kill his own children, those that he has raised and lived with upto to even eight years! Who can justify how a man decides that he has to end the life of his children simply as a way to punish his wife?

How can men get this careless? Is there something wrong we are doing as a society? What has changed as compared to what our fathers and our forefathers did? Are there any corrective measures we can apply to change this trend? Who is on the wrong here, the wife or the man who commits suicide after he has killed his children, leaving behind a tortured woman for the rest of her remaining days on earth? Is he being a coward?

As I think of this, I am left wondering if as a society we have done enough to ensure that people have some knowledge concerning marriage at least beyond the wedding day? Whose primary role is this? Is it the church? Is it the relatives? Is it that of counselors and psychologists? Are there any preventive measures that can be applied? Over to you!

Too many unanswered questions, I rest my case!

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I believe in a just society and I am a strong believer in Ralph Waldo Emerson words: “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate and to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

One thought on “Kenya, A Murderous Nation We Are!

  • Nicely said and it really pains you in the heart.
    The problem is not Kenyan men neither is anybody’s, we are at the core of the worst generation ever to have lived in this planet; the sad thing is that nobody cares. Sin is transforming into the evil it really is and possessing anybody who is careless with his/her life.


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